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2005-03-29 03:10:39 (UTC)

In Life

In life all i want is to be happy and have nothing go
wrong everyday.
But that just seems like it cant happen.
Not a week goes by that something doesnt go wrong.
If i could turn back time i would live back when the
cowboys and indians lived.
Nothing to worry about except getting shot.
Where gas and luxuries were not an issue.
I wanna live on a farm where i can ride horses everyday
and have homecooked meals and not worry about eating out
and how much money to have for everything else.
I'm tired of living like a world where money
buys happiness.
I wish and wish...but nothing...its like i dont exist to
Sometimes it would be nice if he would just answer one
single prayer for me and show me that life can be happy.
A hopeless...jobless housewife who tries too hard to make
everyone else happy and forgets about herself.
Too worried about day i hope it all


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