Life sometimes it rocks and reaks
2005-03-29 03:06:40 (UTC)

Day 2: Whatever

Hi again everyone I have been kinda busy so yeah. Anyway
today we got out of school early at 12:45 PM. It was kinda
cool but now I have nothing to do so I am writing in my
diary. For all you other peeps that read my diary my
friend mecayla is the author of the message if you can
read them. Thanks friend(hug!) Anyway I brought my MP3
player to school and a whole bag of candy 2 impress
Tallie. He usually enjoys the music and food but today
only Jorden(My best guy friend) did, the food anyway lol.
So then I found out that my parents are fags and won't set
up a conference. I know what you are thinking, "Isn't that
a good thing?" Not really because my teacher is supposedly
gay(which I believe) and very weird. He will not
understand that my mom hates him. God I hate my Mom! Oh no
she's coming hide! Anyway me and Mecayla(hugs again) 3
wayd Vanessa and said in a creepy voice "Your friends a
little tied up right now!
off the computer, I wonder if food is avaliable. Dinner at
7:03 sounds pretty good to me. Oh and I don't know what to
do with my life. I promise I will write tomarrow so be
ready. Oh yeah I got one e mail and that's because I
thought some girl was sleeping with her teacher ewwwwwww!
LOL XD Anyway have a good spring break if it already
started or early days off or whatever you have. Sweet
dreams lol.
He Walks
He Sees
Just kidding bye!!!! Oh and
Elizabeth had a birthday party and it was fun we ate lots
of food. Yum food!!!!!!!!

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