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2005-03-29 02:52:56 (UTC)

Feeling a Bit Better...

Will wonders never cease?

Please excuse the loveliness of this next but...

In the last 30 minutes I suddenly started coughing up a
whole bunch of crap out of my lungs or throat or wherever
the vile stuff resides. The scientist in me comes out and
I always feel the need to examine it (colours can be
important, you know, for instance, toxic green and yellow
is BAD!!!) - it wasn't as toxic looking as the times when
I got really sick in the past from this same kind of
thing, but it was enough to make me know I wasn't going
all that well before hand. And enough quantity to make me
happy it was getting itself the fuck out of my body. And,
I actually don't sound like an old sickly person anymore
when I breathe...or a young sickly person for that
matter. That's one of the things I hate the most. It
scares me...

I'm not better by any means, but the first round I coughed
up, I said, in a halfway normal voice to my
boyfriend, "Woah." Then I was surprised b/c my voice was
almost working right. So I said, "Did you hear that?"
When he realised what I meant, he was happy... b/c he's
starting to feel better, too. Rounds two and three got my
voice an even bigger bit better. I'm still getting cold
though and have a bit of an ear ache and my throat/lungs
hurt and it is now itchy and raw in there - lovely - so
I'm just hoping that it doesn't come back at me over
night. I just want to be better, damn it! I'm tired, so
going to bed by an hour at most.

As my bf said, "Looks like someone wants you to go to work

Yeah. [-sigh-] Lovely.

Here's hoping when next we meet I'll be feeling
significantly better...


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