Autum's Leaves
2005-03-29 02:51:20 (UTC)

Age of Agelessness

Samantha:What's your age limit?
Samantha: Factor in millions of dollars.
Samantha:Well, I just started dating the nicest little old
Kerri:Is he 50?

While surfing the net and brooding over my poverty, an
IM popped up on my screen. As it happened, I was hit on by
a 42 year old divorcee from Sparta. The story happened
that he asked me out to dinner and I gracefully declined,
so he then offered to set me up with his friend who was
around 35, very well off, had four cars, ran some
prestigous businesses and his friend only dated in the 18-
26 year spectrum. Naturally I declined.

But, as time wore on, I wondered why? Older men were
more mature, they had money, a plan. But, they were older.
So, I started thinking about anyone's age range for
dating. Can we date extremely older or younger people and
does money have an influence?

I found myself thinking how nice it'd be to have a
boyfriend, hell, a fling that left me a hundred dollars
every morning, gave me a credit card I never had to make
payments on. But, 35? A friend of mine has two lovers,
one's 35 and the other's 40. She makes no distinctions
between age and apparently it's never an issue to the men
either. Of course I won't neglect the fact that I keep
refering to older men and younger women. The mid-life
crisis is prone in men around that age. We all try to stay
young in different ways. Women wear younger clothes, men
date younger women. The smart ones just buy sports cars.

I asked my buddy list full of educated opinions what
they thought about age ranges. One said 17-22 and was 18.
Another said eloquently, "If their not phsically capable
of being my parents I consider them fair game." Of course
it depends on the individual. For me, I look for a little
older guys because I'm searching for a maturity level that
rarely exists in 18 year old guys. Then I thought about
dating younger. Younger men. Even at the age of 46, old
enough for the lines of age to blur ten years, my mother
would date only 15 years in either direction. For an 18
year old, thinking about dating someone 16 makes me

Of course this is, once again, all catered to the
individual. Everyone's different. The world would be a
boring place if we were all the same. So, hats off to all
those men in their mid-thirties and mid-forties who feel
the need to spend their money on younger flings. It's like
they say, the sex always ends, but "diamonds are forever."