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2005-03-29 02:26:21 (UTC)


Today I went shopping with my Mom. Of course she bought me
stuff. I got a new maternity top and a new pair of gym
shoes. I love getting a new pair of shoes. She also bought
alot of summer clothes for my daughter. She took me out for
lunch too. She must love me. lol. As for the pregnancy,
everything seems to be fine. Nothing out of the norm. Just
staying tired all the time. Last night I slept 12 hours.
That's alot for me considering I usually only get about 6
hours. Now onto my favorite subject, my husband. Things
still seem to be going well. I finally got to try my french
maid outfit. He liked it of course. I told him he could be
big daddy and I'll be his little french whore. He got a
kick out of that, so did I. We had fun though. We both fell
asleep in each others arms. I liked that alot. That's
something we never do. The weekend was good until Sunday
because of all the running we had to do. We went to his
moms first then to my mom's for dinner. It just alot of
hassle for nothing really. My husband started talking about
starting his own business again. He wants to open a store
and sell disc golf stuff. I think he could do it but the
risk is so high. In a way I feel guilty because I feel like
me and our family hold him back. We have so much debt and
responsabilties that it makes it about impossible to do.
Unless we go into more debt and take a chance on lossing
everything. Maybe that's what I should let him do, but it
scares me so much. I don't know... He was telling me today
that he'll be getting his own office at work soon and might
have people working under him. He seemed to be happy with
that. I don't know if that will make him more content with
his job or not. If it does help it will probably be only
temporary. Things get better at his job, but they always
seem to get back at being bad again. I know it's not fair
for him to do a job he hates, but most people do. I guess
part of this has to do with being depressed. I hope his
depression doesn't have anything to do with his job so
maybe when he gets better, his job will too. I guess I'll
just wait and see. Lord thank you for a wonderful weekend.
Bless everyone I know and love. Keep them safe and healthy.