Nick's Journal
2005-03-29 02:16:42 (UTC)

Don't you dare tell me that Satan doesn't exist

the lower case he exists. that mother fucker exists. he is
a figment of our imagination that has turned into a
corporeal entity that forces us to succumb to his whims.
before i go any further i wish to quote the only quotation i
have ever felt worth quoting,
"if the devil exists man created him in his image."
what is that urge that drives us to eat sweets? that drives
us to eat those enormous burger king sandwiches that are
sure to result in heart attacks? what in the world
possesses us to still smoke? what is that odd urge that
drive us towards addiction, that seductive advance that
leads us towards our easy state of bliss? why do we ever do
drugs? why in god's name are our aisles lined by candies
and drugs that make us happy? we shouldn't eat them, ever
didactic asshole on the face of the planet has told us that
they are bad for us.
but have you ever thought of that urge?
we fight it everyday. we diet, we run, and we negate it's
very existence, yet it still binds us to it, making us beg
for it after a short while.
satan exists, and he live amongst us in candy wrappings,
burger containers, and stupid 30 second commercials urging
us to purchase some esoteric solution to qualm our very real
sad losses of soul.
satan isn't some evil being, he is not some sort of entity
that is external to our very self. he is us, and he knows
us because he is who we are. he knows what we want because
he immanates from our very longings, he just elongates them
into a state of excruciating, lingering, longing. until we
can no longer take it and succumb him.
fuck 40 days. we can't go more than 2 days.
we impose our walks through the desert. they last as long
as richard simmons screams at us, or until the atkins diet
just doesn't cut it.
he binds us to his demise, he knows that we are too weak to
resist. he isn't an entity. he is our bad side, manifest
in a demon that is ludicrous at best. we must overcome our
own nihilistic emotions to defeat him. and how?
does this mean that we should be like a buddhist?
it is quite easy.
deny everything! therefore you can suffer nothing.
or like a christian...deny everything that could potentially
lead to sin? sin? just another word that harkens on it's
own etymological form. it is nothing beyond what we give
it. it is merely another word for that "thing that you
should'nt do."
to beat Satan you must first realize that it is satan.
it is a word which in and of itself is derived from some
perverse genealogy of our own species. we are intellgient
enough to realize that there is some sort of bio-chemical
urge to do what is wrong.
that is satan.
if you deny those urges in the true manner.
it is not buddhism, not christianity (although they strict
routines may make it easier). truthfully the weapon to
defeat the grasp of misery is merely moderation.
give it just enough to seduce it, and live it wanting.
nothing is worse than that.
am i right guys?