Daily Journal
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2005-03-29 01:37:39 (UTC)

March 28th

Hello my Master,
So why did you have to leave so suddenly last night?
It wasn't a big deal, I just hope everything is ok. Well
I didn't get to finish the next part of my story tomorrow
because I was busy, but I'm doing my journal for you and
I'll finish Part III tomorrow. Well my dad took the day
off work so around 11 I went with my family to the new
mall that just opened to go shopping. I got a couple
shirts and a jacket in Hollister, and I got a skirt and
shirt from Dillards. I also had to get some jewelry and
some other stuff for Miss Bartram, I think I finally have
everything I need for that pageant. *sighs with relief*
Only a few more weeks and then its all over. So anyway,
we went and got lunch and spent a long time shopping and
then came home. Then I took a little nap cause I've been
up late a couple nights now and I don't do the best
without much sleep. But I'm nice and awake now for you,
so that we can spend time together tonight. I'm pretty
worked up cause I didnt really get release last night or
anything. So anyway, after I woke up from my nap I ate
dinner and then I've been online for a little while and
now I'm writing this journal. Well I think I'm going to
go take a shower now. Hopefully I'll see you a little
later. I love you my Master.


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