cuncerns of my heart
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2005-03-29 01:07:47 (UTC)


yeah so taday was funn i saw eric. =D we went ta his house
to give em bac his "ball" that was great. i dont think he
expected me ta ever cum bac agian. livi was there. so (not
tryin ta brag) but he usually jus talks ta me but shes
closer ta em then i am so he talked ta both a us but i
didnt care cuz he still talked ta me. too bad he wasnt jus
in his boxers...hahahaha that woulda bin hillarous. his
dog almost ran away agian=0 but i stopped em **stands in
superhero stance** n e way we were jus talkin an i told em
i was gunna steal his NHL 2005. an kt (u could tell she
did but didnt wanna b there) was like ok guys we should
go! an eric was like yeah ya no me i gotta get bac ta my
busy day a watchin t.v. hes great. im sry ta all the ppl i
am boring immensly.


post script--im to lazy ta type another stori so i am jus
gunna copy an paste this in my otha diary.oo an post
script is the actual meaning of P.S.