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2005-03-29 00:06:14 (UTC)

Superfish - 20050326


I swam 100 laps.

I pampered myself afterwards. Had a nice long shower.
Hot! Did my hair (this consists of putting mousse in it
and scrunching it to add body, let's not pretend I'm any
more sophisticated than that!). Lotioned my entire body.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, that felt nice! Every little fleck of skin
I could get my hands on. :) Even the bottom of my feet
and between my toes! (Yeah, it makes my socks feel soggy,
don't like that, but was feeling luxurious, poor feet, so
often mistreated and ignored!) Raspberry cream perfume.
Nice! Tangerine soap. Nice! Felt great!

Felt sexy when I left. Sensual. Nice. Worthy. Loving
of myself...and deserving to be treated like a queen.
Made sure to avoid all mirrors during this extravaganza so
I wouldn't be brought crashing down to reality...

Then got sick as a dog.

Not so nice. :(