The Best Thing
2005-03-28 23:48:21 (UTC)


I am so sorry that I haven't wrote recently. I have been so
busy. Well, let me tell you what's happened. Yes, Kevin and
I are still together. He is back from his voyage on the
sea. He actually got back on March 9, 2005. A whole day
early! Whoopee! So...he started to make plans to come and
visit me for those 2 weeks I told you about. Guess what?
Things kinda got messed up because his grandpa went into
really bad shape and had to take emergency leave to go be
with him. I wasn't mad or anything, just dissapointed, but
what can you do. So I went there to see him. It was just a
3 hour drive. Not to bad. Then I came back and he came to
my place to see me. I was so stoked. Then he left, but now
I am fixing to go see him in Virginia again in April. This
time I get to be with him for almost 3 days. Anyway, I'll
write later. When I get the chance.

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