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2005-03-28 23:09:47 (UTC)


i love finding new music
i love talking to old freinds
i love finding good deals while thrifting
i love the phone
i love to swim
i love the phone ( cant stress it enough!)
i love the village boys
i love my freinds
i love that sweet soph evan
i love polo
i still love my synchro girls
i love haveing weird conversations that are akwardly hallarious
i love telling ppl something that no one else knows
i love being crazy
i love being spontanious
i love the smell of chlorine
i love bill my physical therapist
i love the color green
i love the puple streak on my carpet
i love long walks in the middle of the night when its warm
i love the beach
i love when its sunny
i love you know who
i love my freinds
i love my twin rachel from cinci
i love the smell of andre agasi
i love talkign about absolutly anything
i love telling ppl your deep secrets
i love the smell of a camfire
i love the feel you get dragging the paddle along the canoe
i love suprising ppl
i love blasts from the past
i love dressing up
i love laying on you and practically falling asleep cuz it just feels right
i love the feeling i get when i see you
i love my make out blanket
i love my sex robe
i love how i have crazy things like the 2 things i just mentioned
i love marshall
i love elena
i love all my freinds you no who you are!
i love you