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2005-03-28 22:42:58 (UTC)

Easter Sunday

So yesterday was Easter Sunday, and I feel soo guilty
saying it, but I actuelly didn't make it to church. I
normally go in the morning (8:00) but I slept in
accidently, and the church I attend only has English masses
in the morning, and Spanish in the evening. I do understand
Spanish but I prefer to attend English masses. Anyhow so
that was a great start to my Easter Sunday morning. My
husband and I then met up with our friends for brunch at
one of the casinos. My friend "C" work at an ObGyn's office
and she was explaning to me that her boss (the Dr.) and her
had been talking about the situation of my husband and I
and are lacking ability to have children (this is something
I was aware that she had previously discussed with the Dr),
anyhow, so she tells me that the Dr is willing to let us
know the next time someone comes in that is not with an
organization (I.e. Catholic Charities)that wants to give up
their baby for adoption and we would just need to be
responsible for the adoption registration fees which is
about $4,000. My husband and I were pretty happy that he
had volunteered to do something like that but we aren't
sure if we want to give up our single adult hood just yet
to have that sort of responsiblity.My husband is about 10
years older than me, so he sometimes feels that if we keep
on waiting that he may get to be too old and will not want
any children at all. Soo...we are undecided at time with
what we would like to do. On a different note, after brunch
we went to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, and we saw
some lady that had so much collagen in her lips that it
appeared that she has beeb stung by bees, which we all knew
wasn't the case, but it seemed just a little to exaggerated
what she had done to herself.Did you know there are jean
pants that go for about $120 (easy!) oh my goodness that is
quite pricey for one pair of pants, and we saw a skirt for
$250...umm yea I may be ok off financially, but I don't
think I would want to spend $250 on a skirt! That is the
kindof stuff that we would need to completely eliminate
from our lives if we decided to adopt.

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