Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-28 22:28:25 (UTC)


Easter was pretty good. I went to my stepmom's parents
house. Kinda boring. Good food tho. I enjoyed that. Then I
saw my baby, which is always great. He made me the
sweetest easter card. I love the little things he does.
Stuff like that is worth more than anything because it
truley shows he cares about me. He spent the night so he
could babysit with me. It was fun, I guesS? Ha is it ever.
LoL. He's babysitting my brother for me on saturday so my
mom and I can go spring shopping. I love him so much for
doing this for me! Jeez. idk what I'd do without this boy.
I tell yea. I finally got a chance to drive, Ha i like it
and im acutally not bad. Go figure. LoL. My dad took me
into a parking lot for me to get the basics and my mom let
me drive a little bit. Not like on main roads or anything,
but it's still better than nothing. I organized my closet
and I'm amazed by that because it looked so bad because im
such a slob. Im not sure what Im going to do tonight.
Probably hang around watch a movie or something like that
because it's spring break and its raining..

Jayson, I love you baby more than anything
your so sweet and perfect for me
December 8, 2004 always baby