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2005-03-28 22:00:21 (UTC)

Easter Weekend

Well Easter Weekend was interesting... there were some
definite high points, but the low points were even worse.

St. Patty's Day weekend Rick, a friend of our family, was
drinking and celebrating with my family and his wife along
with a few other family friends. Friday night after Rick
left the party with Cynthia, his wife, he went home and
went to bed at about 1:30am. At 4:30am Cynthia woke up to
a loud noise coming from the basement. She got up to see
what it was, noticing that Rick wasn't in bed anymore.
When she got to the top of the basement stairs she saw
Rick at the bottom -- laying in a 3ft. by 3ft. pool of his
own blood.

Rick had fallen down the concrete stairs, hit his head
shattering the temporal bone in his skull, rupturing an
artery, and finally landing at the bottom of the stairs.
He was rushed to the hospital but he was in a coma. On
Friday morning, almost a week later Rick had another brain
bleed prompting the doctors to get his to Chicago where
they would be able to deal with his injuries better.
Unfortunately Rick was not stable enough to be moved, so
NIMC had to do the best they could. We got the phone call
Saturday afternoon that Rick had died at 10am Saturday
morning. I was and still am in complete shock -- this
many was the nicest man I have ever known -- but he went
out drinking one night and in less than a week he was dead
because of injuries directly related that night. It's
just a scary thought.

Not to completely change subjects, but I did mention that
there were some happy moments during my Easter break.
I've met a new guy (gorgeous eyes Jason! lol) and I'm
intrigued by him. Imagine, little shy me going to some
guy's house that I'd never met before -- for all the
people that know me, I'm sure your jaws just dropped
lol. But anyways, last night was fun, his family was
great (esp. the little sister and Molly) and I hope to see
him again. I got a glimpse last night of how a guy is
supposed to treat me and it gives me hope for happiness in
the future.

Hope everyone that was on Spring Break last week had fun
and was safe. I'm off to bowling (I know, I'm a dork),
but I'll keep you posted to anything new or interesting.

Much Love,

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