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2005-03-28 21:56:39 (UTC)

Day Number Thirty-One

School was pointless today. Me and Chels worked on our
power point this morning....and that's about the only
productive thing that I did. I didn't have anything to do
in english because I finished my rough draft already in
english. And it made me mad because my stupid teacher
wouldn't proof read it for me. so i had mrs. baker do it
for me. anyways i left at 12:40 i had to go to loretto
again for another TB test. This one hurt like a bitch!! she
said she went in to far but she didn't know if it was under
the skin or not. well gee's only your job!! so
i came home... took a two hour nap...and here I am bored. i
should go back to sleep but if i do i wont sleep tonight. i
want to go to the mall.

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