Life thru my Eyes
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2005-03-28 20:29:23 (UTC)


You people say you wanna love your fellow american, fuck
it, just kill me while I'm standing in front of you!
You preach but never teach. I should be president. So that
way you can kill when ever you want. Oh, you don't like,
it's what you do anyways. You would rather kill than be
killed. In my eyes, you suck!! You call yourself an
american? I see. I will have to goto war just to talk
calmly to you. You prick!

If am offensive, it's only you made me that way, the only
way you fuck knew how.

I appreciate being human though, I get to watch all the
killing of our country and the world. When world war 3
comes, I'm gonna roast some marsmollows and laugh my ass

That's all I got today, see you tomorrow or next time. What
the fuck ever.

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