Shelley's secrets
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2005-03-28 19:50:56 (UTC)


It's a wonderful dreary rainy day in Chillicothe
today. I'm a lovestruck fool and I'm loving it. Living
life everyday to the fullest while taking time for life's
little moments. I have a new man in my life and I want the
world to know it. His name is Daniel. He live in New
Castle, Pennsylvania. He's a great guy. Sexy, funny, and
very sweet. What more could a girl ask for? I've fallen
completely head over heels in love with him. He puts a
smile on my face during even my darkest moments. I will
meet him face to face for the first time on Saturday. I am
excited, yet I have butterflies in my stomach. I know
Saturday will be very interesting. We are meeting at
Tumbleweed here in Chillicothe, then we are going to my
parent's house so he can meet them. I'm nervous as hell
though. I know my mother will love him as much as I do.
I'm just afraid he'll get scared and run when my dad takes
him to the basement to see his gun rack. It's just one of
those things my dad is proud of that tends to scare the
living shit out of guys. It's a little funny though at the
same time. I think the world of Dan and just hope he is as
sincere as he seems to be. I didn't know it was possible
to fall so deep in love with someone online. I find myself
unable to sleep at night because I'm so deep in thought. I
can't stop thinking about the cute little things he says,
and how he laughs his ass off when he's trying to tell his
kinky little stories. I find myself laughing and talking
in my sleep and I always wake up with a smile on my face.
At work I find myself so deep in thought that I sometimes
don't even notice the shrilling sounds of the tones
dropping. The people I work with have noticed a very
pleasant difference in my normal attitude at work. Some
have even seen unexplained smiles and giggles as I sit day
dreaming of Dan. Thoughts of him take me to a whole new
world where I am truly and deeply loved. I don't think I
have ever felt such deep undying love for anyone. This is
a whole new experience for me. Something that I hope the
rest of the world is able to experience at sometime in
their lives. I can almost taste the sweetness of his kiss
and feel the softness of his touch. Though in the back of
my mind I am terrified that things may not turn out the way
I want them to, I know deep in my heart I will never regret
a single minute. I wish i could explain the laughter and
the happiness this new love has brought into my life.