K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
2005-03-28 18:40:29 (UTC)

Things don t look good for the..

Things don't look good for the kid. But I'm not a quitter son, I'ma survivor. I
still work all the time and scarcely have time for much else. In my spare time
all I wanna do is get high. But lately the green has been even harder to scout
out. I'm getting kicked out of my pad thanks in part to my asshole of a
roommate. He's torn his drawls with me for the last time, I don't need him so
fuck 'im. And amidst all this I just bought a $300 iPod. My 'tarded ass was
using the wrong software, and have been having nothin but problems. On top
of which dude (whom I swear isn't my boyfriend, but I'd have a hard time
provin that one) is still hangin around, and sexual frustration is oozing
through his pores, But I just can't bring myself to deliver the final ax. Perhaps
once we've returned from jamaica. I know that would make me a certified
asshole , but who's gonna go with me besides him? And despite the things
that I say, I have love for him as one of my closest friends, and confidants.
These past couple months have been thicker than the thickest horse shit, but
Dude has been there through it all. Don't get it twisted though the kid ain't
feelin soft I just recognize good peoples when I see them, K'naw mean? I'm
still kinda mad at myself bout the whole eviction jive but what's the use of
crying now? I'm just livin there rent free till I get that evictioin notice. Ain't
that ghetto for ya? But I scoped a dope enough pad last night, for about what
I was payin at my joint on Damen, I'll be closer to work, It's right over a bar,
and laundromat is down the hall,and the cat I'd be roomin with is a friend of a
friend, but scratches and is cool with hydroponics. Not to mention that he'd
give me scratchin lessons and has wireless interenet that me and my pc can
get down on. I think it may be a done deal, which is cooler that cool with
me...but I'm in downtown chicago, at the apple store, and gotta split so I can
make it to my gig early. Peace. and hair grease.