angels heart

Through my eyes..
2005-03-28 18:16:47 (UTC)

never again..

Sat. night was a nightmare and just about the end of the
end with dave. I can not believe with my ears i was
hearing the things this man was saying merely cause i went
out for an easter dinner with a friend and her family and
he stood on that phone and proceeded that i keep people in
the dark. The only that feels that is dave himself. Then
when i asked him whom else was he referring to that i keep
in the dark..and would you said the first thing he said was
my kids..and then my old dare he say my kids names
and proceed to tell me that i keep them in the dark of what
ive done in the past six yrs..not only was i shocked but
hurt to depths that im still recovering from..and not sure
if i can bestill myself in him again. He has caused some
major pain with me..and he has noticed it and admitted to
it..and i had nothing to do with why he lashed out that
information to me..and if and when he gets home from being
offshore and his kids ask him where im at..he can be the
first one to admit that he fucked up..that he screwed
things up by the things he said to me..its not his money or
what he wants to do for me..anymore its his personality and
the things he says and deals with..he has insecurities and
he admimts to it..and i think its best he take some time to
get over them..cause i dont see them getting better being
with since sat. night ive had my cell phone he gave
me off..and i proceeded to tell him that i left it at home
and turned off..that i had no plans on bring it with me
today..and so far ive not heard anything in regards to my
desision to do that. Maybe hes repecting me enough to go
with the end..i dont see this one recovering..the
damage has been done..once the cookies get in ill deliever
them..but as for the rest its pretty much over..and i think
in the back of his mind he knows it..such a sad thing he
was a sweet man..till this..