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2005-03-28 16:59:19 (UTC)


sarah n ben are leaving today....they are sooo adorable!! ben is two and
is soooooo cute!!! sarah is five and already reminds me of well me!

village spring break is over.....and ours is just starting : / i think i am
goign over to marshs tonight...it will be the first time since he go tback
from florida that we can really be alone....hes so cool....hes liek one of
my best freinds....

i think i am hanging with ashley n hannah tomorrow but yo no se

i am so sick of being woken up at 5 in the morning with little ppl
screaming...i need to take a nap and wake up before i see marsh

i still say that night drive by jimmy eat world is a sweet song

i had a weird convo with my aunt in the sauna last night...shes so laid
back and cool....we talked about everything....and i mean
everything....shes flipping sweet

zakie is leaving today...and i am oober sad......i am gonna miss him
alot..hes flippin hallarious..and marsh thinks so to....

happy easter
i talked to rach frum cinci last nigth for a very long time and it was
awesome...i love her....

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