SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
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2005-03-28 16:16:17 (UTC)

mY wEeKeNd...

Sorry I haven't written since like Friday. I don't
have school today cause it's holy Monday, but I'm going
back tomorrow. So I'll start where I left off I guess.
Remember how I was so upset about Erin leaving The
Apprentice? Well the next day I found out from a friend
that MiKayla who was my favorite in American Idol also got
voted off on Thursday night!
So I was supposed to go ice skating with the my girl
scout troop on Friday, but a couple girls couldn't come so
Paige, Mel and I just went to the mall and then to see Miss
Congeniality 2 instead. I thought it was a pretty funny
movie. Not terrible. Then I went home and watched First
Daughter on DVD. I had never seen it before, but I really
liked it.
On Saturday my step-sisters, brother and I just
cleaned and cleaned my stupid house. It took forever! I got
my hair cut too. I think it's really cute.
Then yesterday we had my grandarents, aunt, uncle,
cousins, and Stef and her family over for Easter. It was
really boring. And no, I didn't go to Church.
Today i'm just going to the Palisades mall to see if I
can find a graduation dress and maybe a different dress for
the class trip if I see one that I like better. I have
absolutely no money to buy anything else though so it's a
good thing my birthday is a week from today!! About my
birthday I totally begged my mom to get me a second hole
and she asked my dad and then they gave me the speech I
hear every time I ask for this: "It's not that we ahave a
problem with you piercing your ears again-it's that you
lack responsibility in many other aspects of your life."
Maybe I'll never get it done. Surprisingly I don't have any
homework to finish for school today (I think) which is a
first. See Ya.


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