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2005-03-28 15:09:24 (UTC)

Life after Mastery...

... Mastery of the self. Jim Hoyt came to town again and
has gotten me just a bit focused. The rest I'm going to
have to do on my own. He's given us the tools/methods, but
it will be a process working with time, applying these
tools/methods that will develop in me that laser bean

I went to his S.T.A.R. seminar again and this time had the
money to follow with Mastery, which I so badly needed.
Also talked with him on Tuesday evening after the op night
at Geno's. Now that I look at it, from the last time he
came to town, Tim has been applying all of these factors
that Jim tought. I've been 1/2 doing it. Now Tim has
established a true leadership mentality, while I've become
dependent on the leader. All that is going to change
because I've gone to Mastery and Tim didn't. I think.

I've got a great team developing. Two of my 10,000 dollar
legs are forming right in front of my eyes. I need six. So
this is a good start. Soon enough I will put in for all of
my licenses, and within that time become fully competent
to train my own team. With in that time I will grow to
having 6 appointments as a bare minimum per week, and
atleast 30 people coming in for me every week. Then I will
expect that from my team. I will be a division leader next
month, and a regional in one to one and a half months
after. Two of my legs will be developed by that time as
districts at least, and we're going to start needing more
office space.
I go to class now so bye.

P.S. Mastery has created in my the development of good
habits, and the want and need to do more, and as Ammar
sais: Sharpen my knife more every day. :0)