some other guy

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2005-03-28 12:34:56 (UTC)

fuck it

well i fucked up again. i did something stupid by acsadent
and got caught. shit now im on the edge of getting kicked
out of my dads house(not that i really care), kicked out
of college(wouldnt surprise me), and god knows what else
could go wrong in the next fucking week. well my dad has a
major boot up his ass right now. cause my step mother
cathy is mad at me so she pisses him off. So he takes it
out on me. Cause if he has to suffer i have to suffer.

well on another note i still with heather. her grandfather
is starting to hate me agian. took him long enough. man
everyone is pissed at me latly. honestly though i dont
really care. they can all go fuck themselves cause i didnt
really do anything wrong. my dads pissed off cause of
cathy doesnt like the shit i do. she can go fuck herself
for all i care. heather's grandfather is pissed off cause
he doesnt like the fact that im dating heather. well fuck
him i like being with heather and i dont give a shit about
what he thinks. that goes for anyone else who hates the
fact that were dating.

which bye the way that shit was really starting to piss me
off. cause im sick and tired of hearing this shit about
how people dont like me and heather dating but wont say it
to my face. no they have to go behind my fucking back on
it. ya that shit pisses me off. one if you have something
to say about it say it to my face not behind my fucking
back. and two if you cant say it to my face then SHUT THE
FUCK UP cause i dont want to hear about it from someone
else. and finaly dont say anything about it to my face if
you dont want a fucking argument cause i can fucking tell
you if u do i give you one. cause im sick of all this bull
shit. and the next time someone fuckin screws me out of a
relashionship cause they dont like the fact that im dating
that person im going to bury that son of a bitch.