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2005-03-28 09:56:31 (UTC)

traumatised trauma

well, i haven't blog for a long long time. miss me anyone?
haha. anyway i'm free today, so might as well just fill
this up.

i had an anatomy exam today. yes, it's the FINAL year exam
and it's 55% of the whole grade that i'll get for the
entire year. as usual i'm guilty of not studying for it in
advance but rather leaving everything to the last day
before i started cramming info into my brain. gosh last
night was simply simply terrible... i didn't get to sleep
at all. not a single minute . *yawns*

this morning i went to school with dry achy eyes. well, i
guess everyone looks the same today, all looked like they
were just pulled out of bed. haha, what a nice class we
look :P

anyway the paper was do-able, but there's some tricky
questions. the two hours paper was really trying, since i
was aching all over and sleepy. but well, i made it
through... i even made some especially stong tea to keep
me awake. hmm... though that didn't really seem to work.


gosh... i never like exams and never will...


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