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2005-03-28 06:33:48 (UTC)

~*Easter Sunday*~

3/27/2005: Jamey and I got up around noon. After explaining
to him everything that went on the day before, we got
dressed and went shopping. We were supposed to get
eachother easter baskets but there was none left in the
store! So I ended up giving him money towards a remote
control car he fell in love with and he bought me a
necklace that says "Jamey"...huh? REWIND...why would he buy
me a necklace with HIS name...unless I was HIS girl. make much sence to me but I played dumb
for a while. When we got back to the house, he played with
his car for a minute, then we went up to my moms house to
have dinner at 3:00. After that, we went back down to his
house, played with the car, took a shower together and he
told me to put my necklace on. I said "okay, Ill put my
necklace on when ur ready to put ur ring back on"...he
says "okay, give it to me." and puts his freakin ring
on!!!! does this sound confusing to anyone...cuz i was sure
as hell confused! So we cuddled, kissed, and just laid down
and chilled til it was time for him to go to work, When he
left, I stayed at his house and cleaned up his room. I just
got home a lil while ago and now im ready for bed. He's
called me three times so far from work and hes been there 3
hours! He actually had to let me go one of the times and
when he called back, he said he was mad that he couldnt
call sooner cuz he had told me he'd call right back...I was
like "aww dont worry about it!". Oh god im confused! But im
so scared to ask him whats going on. I guess Ill just take
it one thing at a time! -Peace-

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