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2005-03-28 06:27:49 (UTC)

~*The beer always wins...*~

3/26/2005: Well...Today I went down to jameys after he was
supposed to have slept. Well come to find out, he had never
gone to bed and was up drinking. He already had a 12 pack
and liquor in him. And started a fight with me. I, not
wanting him mad at me, kept trying to talk to him. And
trying to talk civilized to the drunk guy just never
works!! We fought for hours! We talked outside for a while.
And then we sat in his car and talked. He passed out in it,
so I went home. I went back down a little while later only
to find him STILL passed out in his car! I took him inside
and made him go to bed at like 9pm. It was the quietest
night in that house EVER!! Justin and Sara went to bed mad
early too. I just laid with Jamey for a little while to
make sure he was gonna stay in bed. Then I went home but
got bored here. So I went BACK down there and fell asleep.
And that was pretty much the day!!