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2005-03-28 05:16:37 (UTC)

Memories of Life

Today I bought this movie about Little League Baseball. It
was about a Dad and a Son, when his Dad gets caught by the
IRS about owing them money, they run to Las Vegas, Nevade
under different names, his son is 13 years old when they
move, before they get the different names. But under these
new names his son is now a 12 year old kid again. He then
enrolls into Little League to play as a 12 year old and has
another opportunity to go to the Little League World
Series, but when they finally get there, it is revealed
that he is now 13 years old. It was a great movie if you
love baseball.
After watching the movie, it made me realize my time when I
played little league baseball. I'm not a 20 year old kid.
It makes me realize that I'm getting older and wishing that
I was able to play baseball. I never had the chance to
play in High School. I mean the coaches were assholes and
never picked me. I just didnt get it, I was good enough to
make Little League All-Star teams, and kids that made the
Snider team never made these All-Star teams. So with the
opportunity gone to play in College, I feel the pain of no
longer being able to play baseball anymore. I love
baseball with all my heart and if I knew of a way to play
again, I would be doing that right now. I'd be doing it
more than bowling and thats the truth. I grew up playing
baseball from a young age. Its just something that nobody
probably ever knew. If I were able to be playing baseball
right now instead of bowling, that would be my choice out
of my heart. Well thought I would update this thing. Hope
everything is well with everyone. Night
Joshua Ryan

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