shattered glass in your eye

broken promises left unkept
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2005-03-28 04:46:02 (UTC)

jeez okay so

yea i used to have another one of these diar things, but i
forgot about it, so, today was
awesome. i went over to my b/f's house(chris) and i stayed
with him from 10 something to 4:30..yea. omg...i had been
waiting to get laid for a long ass time. and today from
the time he woke up to the time i left, we did nothing but
mess around the whole time. like, a few minutes after i
woke him up, he started messing around touching each other
down there and all over.....then he started to take my
clothes off and i was like "woah, okay" and then we did
all that. and it lasted for a short time, and i was so
mad, but it was cos someone knocked on the door. then they
went away and he came back and started fingering me. it
was soo good, omFg. my back was like...arched and i was
bangin on the wall and almost pulled his hair out of his
head haha. then he would start teasin me by starting and
then stopping, and then starting and then stopping over
and over. so i started to do it to him. he thought i
wouldn't go down on him, but oh was he surprised. i did it
to him just like he teases me. he'll wait unitl 5 minutes
before i have to go to try to fuck me or w/e. he'll start
teasin me before i have to go. so i decided to do it back
to him. and it was soo funny cos he like started flippin
out cos i'd start suckin his dick and then i would stop
and then i'd start again and he was getting mad at me, lol
and i was like "now are you ognna keep teasin me?" and he
was like "no..yes...COCKBLOCK" so i started teasin again
and i was like "i'm on cockblock am i? well that means so
more of these *licks dick* none of these *kisses/sucks
dick* and none of these *puts whole dick in mouth and
plays with the head with tongue*" and he goes "okay no no
no no no your not on cockblock i lied i swear" and i kept
teasin him and he's like "omg, you're so evil" and i would
stop and look at him like "why?" and he said "omg..stop
it..i won't tease you anymore i swear omg...just...aah!"
and i was like "now see where teasing gets you??" and he
was like "okay oka okay i won't do it anymore i swear" and
i'd keep teasing him and he'd keep flippin was sooo funny. omg i love him so
much. and then he'd start teasin me, and i start back with
him and he'd stop and i'd get to finish teasin him...well
anyways, this went on for hour or so...then we
went outside for a smoke. then we went inside...and played
ps2 in his room and then i distracted him...and we fucked
again...for like 30 minutes...then there was more teasing.
then we fucked again for an 1 and a half and then cliff
walked in on us, lol. and then chris went soft cos of
cliff, and then cliff came in and we tried to finish, but
chris coudln't get hard again. so we just played
around...and he fingered me, which again was good.
um...then cliff was gonna watch, but didn't cos me and
chris started to get dressed haha. and they watched me get
dressed and i didn't know which was kinda and chris's dog tried to eat my NOT COOL last time she ate them and i had to
go home comando...OH NO =-O haha. !!! anyways i got home
and chris went to cliffs and now i'm stuck arguin with
mahal cos she said something very wrong to me that really
pissed me off and now she's dead to me and i want nothing
to do with her. goodbye all.

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