Nick's Journal
2005-03-28 03:43:08 (UTC)

Don't take drugs....unless you're an adult who has money

now that i'm watching more t.v. thanks to the ncaa
tournament, i've come to realize (once again) just how many
ambiguous drugs are on the market now a days. it literally
took me 4 viewings of cialis to figure out what the hell
anyone would want to have 36 hours to do. i seriously
thought that it was something to relieve constipation, you
know it takes off the strain, so you can blow your load
whenever you want in 36 hours...i guess i wasn't too far off.
then there's this drug, humira? i think it is. what the
hell? all i saw was an old woman in a yard. i don't know
what the fuck that shits gonna do to me. or that new sleep
aid, ambien or something like that? i love the side effects
of it. dizziness, disorientation, vomiting, loss of memory
(which can be avoided if you get atleast 7 hours of sleep)
and diarrhea. they all have diarrhea, to be honest with you
i'm quite surprised that we aren't a nation steeped in shit
what with all the drugs giving diarrhea as an added bonus to
their repetoire.
and think about it, this is being marketed to the same
generation that was all into the free love and drug era.
talk about good timing! these old suckers can't WAIT to get
their hands on some legal shit. hell they don't care what
it does for them, as long as it goes down the hatch and
makes them feel something, cos that new acura mdx didn't
quite fill the void. speaking of which.
have you seen the commercials' for the acura mdx? what dumb
motherfucker drank himself into a stupor and came up with
this game plan? i love the one where the mdx is riding
through this forest that all of a sudden comes alive.
perfect, so just in case THE FORCES OF NATURE BECOME
SENTIENT AND TRY TO KILL YOU, you'll be able to escape in
your new acura mdx.
come to think of it...with all these new drugs i wouldn't be
too surprised if some old jackass weren't sitting there
poping his pills staring with amazement and then yelling,
"see tina, i told ya it was real! they even made a car for it!"