tiffany (trixy)

my personal story...
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2005-03-28 03:08:41 (UTC)


i talk to this guy named ben and i met him on the internet
awile ago and we dident talk 4 about 5 or 6 months and this
weekend he came on and i tryed talkin to him but he told me
he dident remeber me i was so hurt and shocked and confused
i didnet know what to say to him i felt like i dident even
know hm any more and i still feel like i dont he changed so
much its hard to belive its the same person...i kind of
whis that things would of never changed between him and i
but thats life and i just need to get over it and move on
but it s hard to do that because i still love him and care
for him maybe 1 day i will wake up and this would all just
be a dream...and if it wasent i wish ben and i could bild a
relationship agin but it would be hard because he talks to
my mom on the internet to and it kind of sucks because
there really close now and i feel like my mom is tryin to
make friends w/ some of my friends and the most inportant
thing in a relationship i think is trust and if ben and i
cant trust each outher than i dont think we can go stedy
but maybe things will change w/ him and i...i hope so...


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