Autum's Leaves
2005-03-28 02:08:48 (UTC)

Brave New World

While my experiences are far from Huxley's futurama
world, my eyes were opened to a different reality. The
inner world of really not knowing my friends as well as I

For Spring Break, my plans were destroyed when one of
my friends backed out and made an all new plan with all
new friends. This same friend just IMed me and said we
weren't going to the city like we were supposed to. She
has effectively made sure none of our Spring Break plans
will happen. One of my girls is still going to be in town,
so we'll probably just hang out together, watch some Sex
In The City, put on some fake tanner and pretend we went
to the beach.

Another friend of mine and I were talking awhile back
and it was divulged to me that they were into S&M. This
was a completely different universe to me. Of course I
knew of it's existance, but here, it's like the gang
scene. We all know it's out there somewhere, but most of
us aren't around it enough to know it's inner going ons. I
learned term upon term for hours, what a lot of people
did, what they did, different "safe words." It was
incredible that there was a society I knew so little
about. Even though I'm not into that scene, it was still
fascinating to know about it and fascinating to think my
friend is doing what they really want to do. Their parents
aren't happy with the fact their child is into S&M, but
coming from a Southern background like we all have, it's
not that uncommon for parents not to accept the things
their children do. My friend was forbidden to see any of
his/her lovers and he/she is not allowed to talk to anyone
over the internet the remainder of their time in their
parents house. I asked my Mom how she would react given
the situation. I wanted the opinion of a more liberal
minded parent before I wrote all sexual escapades as off
limits for children. And while she did say she understood
why the parents might forbid a child from S&M-ing, she
efficiently avioded what would happen if I were into it.
Just to let you in on a secret...I think she's into it.