mistyslushie and caitishlin

Story of the Year
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2005-03-28 01:24:05 (UTC)

Why do People Hate?

Cait-You know, if people didn't hate the world would be a
almost perfect place. Of coarse peolple hate all the time
so, the worlds far from perfect, or almost perfect
anyways. You know how Shelbs was talking about E and S?
Well I cant beleive how hateful their getting! Its getting
to be ridiculus. I mean its just evil to to do evil things
to other people and have fun doing it becaue of a deep
hate I agree. I'm not so close of friends with S, but I
thought E was better than to be so full of hate! I think
its peer pressure, all of that group is pressuring each
other to do bad stuff to Shelb so they can feel better
about stuff. It sounds weird but I think at least the
pressuring part is true. Hate has changed E and thats sad,
because E, Shelbs, and me used to be a great team. It
happened all so fast its amazing, in abad way. I wish
things could go back, but I'm pretty sure thats
immpossible for now. Just a peice of advice to whoever
reads this, cherrish your friendships, b4 their gone like
the wind.

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