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2005-03-28 00:55:12 (UTC)

Happy Birthday to Pam/Happy Easter

Just like to note here, for all posterity... Happy 18th
Birthday to Pam!


Reallly, I don't know where the time goes. It doesn't seem
like it's been a month since I updated. So let's see,
where to start. I'm not going all the way back to February
26... because I can't remember. Which is really sad.

So I'll start with... last weekend. Last Saturday (the
19th), I had to work 9-3, which was pretty crappy. Just
because they've been putting me on the register a lot
lately, which I don't understand, because they put girls
who've been there like 2 months on the floor alreay, but
then I have been there for more than a year and a half and
they put me on the register? It's getting kind of
annoying. But then I got home and found out I had a letter
from William and Mary. My mom made me wake my dad up from
his nap before I could open it, so he got up and we opened
it and... drum roll, please... I got in. So yay for
getting into the college that I want to go to.

The next day was Palm Sunday, which is always interesting
at church. Palms waving and whatnot. I got to see Mr
Ritter, because he was Jesus in the Passion reading, and
then I got to talk to him. Actually, Elizabeth snuck up to
him when I was talking to someone else and told him that I
got into W&M, so then he came up to me and was like "What?
I have to find out this stuff from Elizabeth? William and
Mary?" And so then I had to promise that I was going to
tell him anyway and she just got to him first. We chatted
about that for awhile, and then I went home and he stayed
to sing at 11:15. Then that afternoon I get this call from
Judy asking me to sing with the adult choir on this one
song that needs a children's part for the Easter Vigil,
which is on Holy Saturday. She decided that I might as
well sing with them for the whole Easter Vigil, since the
one song she needed me for was after communion, at the
end. Naturally I agreed, because adult choir people,
especially the men, are fun. She told me that the practice
for Easter Vigil would be Palm Sunday night at 5 and would
only last 45 minutes or an hour, and then I could leave
while the choir practiced for Holy Thursday and Good
Friday. So of course I got out of there at 8:45! I would
say that's more than an hour, Judy. But it was fun,
because the men are so silly. Mr Ritter was telling Andy
that I got in to W&M, and I overheard him, and said "Hey
Mr Ritter are you telling everyone my secrets?" To which
he replied "Oh yeah, I'm telling everyone. My whole family
knows." And Andy, ever the wise guy, joined in by
saying "He even called his mom." Needless to say, those
guys do nothing but tease.

Anyway, then last week kind of sucked after that. The week
went by really slowly, as the days before spring break
often do. I worked on Tuesday night. For some reason I'm
having a whole lot of trouble remembering any of the days
last week. What the heck did I do? I didn't have very much
schoolwork... let's see. I honestly can't remember. That's
really weird. But then starting Thursday, I spent my life
at church. Holy Thursday we went to church at 7 and got
home at about 9. I like that one, it's the one where they
wash people's feet and stuff, and Andy sings "Stay here
and keep watch with me" which is one of my favorite songs.
Friday was an ok day at school, even though I felt
miserable. We had to take a spanish quiz, and naturally
senora dumbrowski had to make it as hard as possible, and
my head hurt and my ears hurt so badly that I couldn't
concentrate and I thought I was going to cry. But I got
over that, and then history was mildly amusing, because we
only had like 12 people, and I actually like the ones that
were there. I chatted with Mr Moore about Mexico a little
bit, too, since I'm going there this summer. Then biology
was ok, even though we did a little work. Then the
senior/faculty volleyball game? I can't believe the
seniors lost. It was horrible. The seniors aren't supposed
to lose. Even if they have to cheat. But for some reason
they didn't cheat on Friday, so they lost. Hmph. Then
Friday night back to church, this time 7-9:30. Went home
and went to bed because I had to get up and go to work at
9 on Saturday. I worked from 9-3, and I was really
frustrated because I was on the freaking register again. I
was supposed to be in Housewares with Phillip, but nooo,
this stupid girl had to call in and switch or do something
and so I had to be on the register all day. Grr... even
though it was ok, because I like working with Philip. But
I felt pretty miserable all that morning too, because no
matter what medicine I took, my ears still hurt. And of
course, being on the register and all, I actually had to
be sociable, when what I felt like doing was curling up in
a ball and crying or going to sleep. But then I got off at
3, and came home and helped Lauren and Elizabeth dye eggs.
Then we ate an early dinner and I had to be at church at 6
to practice with the choir, and my dad had to be at church
at 6:30 to do something or other, and then my mom and
lauren and elizabeth all came after that. So we had all
three of our cars at church last night. How crazy. Anyway,
last night was pretty fun. I was feeling a little better,
although my ears were still bothering me. I got to
complain to Mr Ritter about feeling yucky and working all
day and then spending all night at church, and he said I
was a trooper. The Easter Vigil was pretty interesting,
because I'd never gone before. But all the new
catechumenate people got baptized/confirmed/first
communion, and one of the guys actually got in the font,
which was a first for me to see. Then at the little
intermission thing I got to chat with my good buddy
Meghan, a.k.a. Palmer D. (I miss you Meghan). It was
really good to see her, because it's lonely in choir
without her this year. Then after the mass was over, at
like 10:15, I got a big hug and a kiss from Mr Ritter,
talked to my family for awhile, Lauren left in my car, mom
and Elizabeth left in mom's car, which left me with dad.
Dad and I decided to go chat with Mr Ritter, since dad
hadn't talked to him in awhile. So more hugs all around.
Mr Ritter then gave me strict orders to go home and go
straight to bed, so I could get up and cantor at 9:15
without being dead. So I got up this morning, did the
Easter basket thing with Elizabeth, and then went back to
church. Do I live there, or what? I cantored at 9:15, even
though I couldn't sing very well because I was all
congested. Then after that mass I got another hug and kiss
from Mr Ritter, but then Judy asked me to stay and sing
with the adults at 11:15. I figured what the heck, might
as well, I've already spent the past 4 days here. So my
family went home and I sat around waiting for 11:15 to
start, and had a nice little heart to heart with, you
guessed it, Mr Ritter.He now knows my whole life story,
including who I'm going to prom with and how my parents
met. So we all sang at 11:15, and it was interesting to
have the Gesture of Peace with the adult choir, they are
so enthusiastic. I got hugs from people I don't know at
all (and then some from people like Mr Ritter, of course.)
Then that mass was over and I decided that it was finally
time for me to go home. After one last hug from Mr Ritter,
and he told me I deserve a gold star (which I never got,
by the way!), and I finally went home. It was indeed a
church/Mr Ritter filled weekend. Had a big brunch with the
whole family, did the easter egg hunt thing (I let
Elizabeth win, I swear). Planned some more for our trip
this summer by looking at hotels online... those things
are expensive! Then Lauren went back to CHarlottesville,
and the rest of us had our Easter dinner. Yum! And here I
am. and did I mention it's Pam's birthday? We're going out
to dinner tomorrow! I need to wrap her presents before
then... hmm.

Anyway, I'm being forced to go call my grandparents and
chat some more about colleges. Speaking of college, Mr
Ritter told me I was going to become an intellectual snob
at William and Mary. HMPH! I resent that. I can resist, I