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2005-03-27 22:29:42 (UTC)

easter dinner with catt*awesome*

hey yall whats up.. i just got home from catt's family
easter dinner.. it was nice! i had a good time. everyone
was trying to get me 2 talk i just dont talk to people im
fimilar with its because im shy around new people. * gotta
work on that i know*.. dinner was great, we had mashed
potatos, corn, ham, and alot more food.. it was good i was
so full when we left im still full. catt has a cuzin named
nicholas and he was cool kinda loud but cool. like when
ever someone called his name i was like huh.. u talkin to
me but they werent.. it was fun tho..

on the way home catt fell a sleep on my leg it was
cute..i had my digital camera and i wanted to take a
picture of it but she was layin on that pocket and i didnt
wanna wake her up. *she looked so beautiful today to omg i
just wanted to just have her all to myself it would of
been nice to sneek away for alittle bit* oh well then i
had to wake her up it was funny she was like out and didnt
wanna wake up lol. i love that gurl.. she so cute when she
a sleep and quiet lol.. hehe.. well im gunna get out of
these dress cloths.