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2005-03-27 21:54:35 (UTC)

Happy Easter!

Last night I worked on my research paper...actually started
writing it. It's crazy...the first part of it is two and a
half pages long. And i still have to write two more parts
of it. crazy. I was going to do more of it...but I lost all
motivation! So Jenelle and Ryan came over last night. Me
and Jenelle drank. It was fun. I don't remember what time i
went to bed. But i got up at 12:30 today... got ready and
Jenelle picked me up so I could have Easter dinner at her
house. Her mom is the most amazing cook that I know. We had
ham with rolls, and this cornbread dish with corn in it and
a potato dish that cant even be described. It was
amazing!!! I ate so much. Then we waited a while and had
coffee and pie. It was fun. I'm glad I went...instead of
sitting around here by myself. My mom is such a
bitch! ...So I have been trying to get a hold of my sister
so she can go over what I have done on my research paper. I
came home early so I could work on it because I don't want
to pull and all-nighter like last sunday working on this
stupid thing. I have a huge feeling that I am going to have
to re-do alot of it, and I'm going to be pissed. It's hard
to write about can't really leave out too
many details...which is why it is so long. Oh well. So
anyways... I think I am going to go now...before I get too
tired and just not want to do anything at all.


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