Inside Look Of a 14 Year Olds Life
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2005-03-27 20:40:31 (UTC)

Giving up

Hey I think Im ready to give Eddie my virginity but i also
think he is a little slow..I mean I have been givin him so
many hints about it and everything. I Really do want to
give it to him. I want to be with him. I Want to stay with
him. He means everything to me. At times I just want him
to hold me in his arms and make everything go away. When
he holds me it feels like we are the only two people
around and thats all that matters. I really do care about
him. He means so much more than all my other ex boyfriends
when I was going out with them..I mean I didnt want to
give them my virginity because they didnt no what love
was.. They didnt know what pain I was going through. Eddie
understands what I go through and he is there to hold me
when i fill bad and just want to die. He encourages me to
believe in myself when Think I cant go on anymore.and im
sure to any adult who is reading this thinks this is just
the typical teenager writing about how much they love
their boyfriend and that they think their life sucks..Well
guess what? My life is different from other teenagers and
I do love my boyfriend and at the moment he is the only
thing that is keeping me alive. He makes sure im loved.
And when I feel that everyone hates me he makes it certain
that he doesnt and that he loves me no matter what other
people think.

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