My dreams are nothing but a haze
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2005-03-27 18:09:05 (UTC)


Onward he walks, his breaths coming in shorter and shorted
gasps as he struggles to go on. His hands were covered in
deep crimson stained forever with the memories leaking out.
He caried forward though the light completely voided in his
eyes. His hearing was all that was left of his mind. The
soft drip of his blood on the ground and the picture of her
face in his mind's eye the only things keeping him in this
world of the living. As his luck would have it, there came
the soft wind signifying her presence before him again. A
breath threatens to escape his lips, but is abruptly stopped
as the feeling of cold steel slides into his heart carving
it out. The last words turn into a last gasp as he falls to
his knees then smashes onto the ground. lost.

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