mary kate
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2005-03-27 17:38:52 (UTC)


well welll welll sum gud stuf and rather anoyin stuff
apened.........sophie nd lara came rownd nd it was reli
gud i ada reli gud tym nd caught up wid sophie coz aint
reli tlked 2 er in agesssssssssssssssssssss.

but avin sum probs wid b......shes lyk obsessed wid max.

rite i gta explain dis propaly.....

i am very slef consious and dnt lyk nt bein friends wid
ppl. i also reli h8 avin 2 share ma m8s wid max coz its
lyk we share everyfin else y da fuc do we av 2 share m8s
nd b wid eachothe mor....i meen were nt joint at da hip!

so last year wen e was lyk m8s wid lorennd dat nd i wasnt
rlei m8s wid em so i fought ....oh perfect tym 2 gt sum nu
m8s......so i used hayley coz i alredi nu er nd i lyk made
friends wid sophei nd lara mnd dat nd everyfin was gr8.
until max gt bord of loren nd dat :@:@. gradually e
started takin al dere lyk mubas off ma fone nd addys off
ma account nd lyk usin al da hard work id done. e startyed
lyk tlkin 2 em usin lyk me 2 steel em away by lyk sdayin
oh im lukes twin............ANYWAY.......it gt 2 such a
point dat we ad arguments coz i was goin owt wid em nd e
invited imself.....nd den ma mum started stopin me goin
nd jst letin im nd itr was rlei anoyin nd den every1
prefered im 2 me.

nd e dus it wid every nu person i tlk 2 now.....fletch

anyway of course wen i made friends wid b first max did
exactly da same fing......so we went owt nd w.e nd den
gradually stopped tlkin......nd so did max.

nd now were goin bk out max is lyk al of a suden bein reli
friendly 2 er nd lyk shes startin 2 prefer im.....she says
she dnt bt i no she dus.....nd it is soooooooo
unbelieveably anoyin...

dis is 1na da reesons i wanid 2 leeve da skool.....so max
reli wudnt b able 2 av ma m8s.............