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2005-03-27 16:37:33 (UTC)



Finally, I got some time to sit down and write something
about my Easter Holiday. Though there is one day to go, I
would like to share with all of you my camping experience.

This is my first time I went camping. Indeed, I know
nothing about camping. I don't know how to build a tent or
set a fire in the wild. Needless to say, I need to take
care of myself before taking care of the others; however,
it is so strange that I was one of the volunteers in the
camp. Does it make you laugh? A person who doesn't know
what camping is can give a helping hand in the camp. It
seems impossible!

Nothing is impossible. The fact told me that I am still a
useful person in the camp. Josephine and I were the chefs
of the camp...Hang on a minute, we were only cooking for
the staff and volunteers. The participants, that are all
from different families, cooked for themselves. Although
my effort put in cooking might not be valued, at least I
contributed to the camp and did something that was
meaningful. Voluntary work is like this: never expect any
rewards from the event.

Another thing that impressed me a lot in the camp is how
parents cope with their children. Those mothers and
fathers did look like mothers and fathers (haha!! Of
course.). Some of them may show their affection to their
children in any circumstances, but not all of them. Some
may hide their love but they will show you how much they
love their little babies through something very...trivial.
I just wonder what type of parent I will be in the future,
but of course I need to build my own family first.

The camp is a fruitful journey to me in my life. I still
don't know how to use the cook set or build a tent, but I
learn other things that some people may not be able to
experience in their lives.


P.S.: Thanks Josephine and Nick for their unconditional
support and care in the camp. I wouldn't have such a good
trip without you two.

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