Jackie's Hick Chick Diary
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2005-03-27 15:41:53 (UTC)

so long

wow i haven't writen in here for so long....i have been so
busy with school family and friends. which brings me to my
heart break story. you see it all the time on t.v the
person u have a major crush on likes ur best friend and ur
best friend has some feelings but not as many as u do.

the person u trust,
the person u love,
unite and not with u,
your heart begins to ache,
ur eyes begin to cry,
ur head starts spinning,
u find all ur bad things about u,
and hate urself more and more because of them,
u don't have any way to cope,
u become angry, and have lower self esteam
u just want to say so long,
and leave the face of the earth,
ur embarassed, and hurt,
u have no one u trust to turn to to cry on,
i do not blame any of them,
u can not control feelings, and why make them miserable,
they should have a life.

heart broken girl

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