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2005-03-27 11:35:33 (UTC)

A MATTER OF pleasure

i am a nymphomaniac

i am obsessed with sex, although i can still claim that i
am a virgin, i am quite jealous of the girls that have got
boys they can have a fuck with ("Fuck buddies")

it started about a year ago when i started
masturbating.....i hate the word, it sounds so dirty

i dont do it alot, but in my own way i enjoy it,

just like alcohol it allows me to relax and calm down....a
release of pent-up energy.....energy that at the age of
16, i am not going to be using for a while now

i want to have sex, the only thing is, im scared of what
the guy will think of my body, i mentioned before im not
good-looking, neither am i a model-material

what boy would ever want me?
the other thing is the scars....wat a bloody put off for
any guy

even if i was a guy, i would e put off by hundreds of long
pink/red scares on the vagina

is my need for pain..............really doing anything for