Elizabeth M.
2005-03-27 07:13:58 (UTC)

my night

So I am trying to Write this while I am drunk, I went to
Robins tonight to dye eggs, Faith and Staney had fun. Ileft
around 11:30pm, I decided to go to Jims Hideaway. I saw
Terrence, Boy he his so hot, and Randy, I sung 3
songs,Happy ending, My Immortal, Endless Love, Terrence
made a comment about my outfit from halloween and how he
wanted to see it again. I just hugged all over him. If he
was single I would fuck the shit out of him, I have liked
him from the start, But I am afraid that he is married.
Everyone has said that I put pure feeling into the songs I
sing, I have to admit that yeah, w/my heart broken over
Mark that I do put my feelings into each and every song I
sing. I have only had 3 shots of tequila. all night to help
me feel better. I have to admit that i am feeling just fine
right now. I couldn't help notice Terrence, Man he is so
hot. My friends kept on saying to HIm" Do you think that
she looks better now w/ the tan and the straight hair? He
was like yes, don't get me wrong you looked good lastime I
saw you, it's been a while. Damn... Why does he have to be
taken? I do have to admit that I miss Mark and I know that
he loves Karen but I also know that at one time he loved me
too. I am giving him his space right now, he needs it for
himself .... to think things through. We never had a
problem in our relationship, we always got a long and we
always had a smile on our faces. I know that he wants to be
w/Karen and everybody knows that it will never work out
between them including both of them. Move one!! I say, Mark
Knows that I am good for him and that I bring out the best
in him. Why fight it? I don't understand. I am the total
package, so why doesn't he see that? Oh well off to better
things, I hope.

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