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2005-03-27 06:50:09 (UTC)


So today we continued to remodel our home, we layed tile in
the hallway and I finished a little more of the painting.
We are in a rush now because we are getting ready for a
party on April 16th, and the day is going to be here before
we know it! It takes us a little bit longer also because my
husband works grave and he has to sleep a little when he
gets home before we can start doing any housework. We had
to cancel lunch with our friends today M&C because we had
to get the car going that my husband and I are going to
give to ym sister. So we had to pay this guy $60 just to
remove the alarm from the car because it wouldn't start
with the alarm in tact. Oh well, what ya going to do. So
tomorros is Easter Sunday, I used to be so much more
excited about easter when I was younger, not just because
of the easter bunny (because I never really ever received a
basket) but for some reason the older I get, the less
enthusied I am about all the holidays. I just barely
started getting into it again when I met my husband and we
started sharing everything brand new together, and it's
been getting a little better over the years because we make
a big thig about it at our house and have everyone come
over, but I'm not sure if we ever have kids if it the
excitment will start all over then. See we don't know if we
will ever have kids because we (my husband and I) can not
have children. So the only way that we will have kids is to
adopt. I know there is tons of different infertility
methods out there, but I really don't want to put ourselves
through that. I mean I really think that if we were
supposed to have are own children, that God would have
blessed us with the ability to do so, then again maybe I'm
just old fashioned. I am only 23 but I never was a major
party girl, I went out and had fun when I turned 21, had
all the non-stop drinking nights and clubbin till who knows
that time in the morning, but that got old for me soon and
I just wanted to settle down. Well enough for now, I'll
write more on these topics later.

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