Autum's Leaves
2005-03-27 06:49:05 (UTC)


Autum is soooooooooooo over at my house,,, and it makes me
a happy camper,,, damnit,.! we are soooo having a fabulous
time and we just finished watching the birdcage... (popped
my birdcage cherry,,, ewwwwwwwwwww) anyway,,, she says
hello, and ya'll prolly have no idea who i am,,, 's ok, i
don't mind too terribly much, i'll live. ummmmmmmmmmm,
guess thats it... mebe.

Quiting smoking is hell. Don't let anyone tell you any
It's almost two in the morning. Don't expect anymore of
Watched the Birdcage and Anchorman again (angels sing in
the background). My views on stereotypes once again
reinforeced by our human mating rituals. Caitlin hasn't
read all my journal and dosen't understand. We have an
understanding don't we?

Anyways, had some weird tea tonight. Black vanilla. Let
me reiterate, it was weird.

Not a whole lot to say. Thought I was going to rip my
PS2 to pieces when I got to one of the final bits of FF9
and died (piece of crap). But, life goes on.

Ah, you can see the difference in our typing...I still
can't spell worth shit.

Peace out my nigga....please know, I'm white. Thanks.
But if I were black, I would be a Crip. Don't kill me all
the Bloods out there...actually I heard something about a
white gang from Dave. That just shows how white I am. I'm
gonna go.