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2005-03-27 06:02:41 (UTC)

You Love Me But You Dont Know Who I Am

You say u love me often but heres what i dont see,
how could anyone love a girl whos as broken as me,
You may not see my faults u may only see my grace,
You havent had the time to let me show you the pain behind
my face,
Many see my beauty but all i see is scars,
they dont understand the pain inside the hole cut in my
In the morning when i wake up i look in my bathroom mirrior
i reassure my self im beautiful and drop my daily tears,
Why is it so hard to tell myself to love the outershell,
When every1 around me tell me they see it quite well,
The ones who say they love me im afraid that they dont care,
They dont understand my pain inside the feeling that no one
all my life i lived a lie among my surrounding life,
they told me things like i love you Lace before i went to
sleep at night,
My father and my mother would tuck me into bed and happy
thoughts of a happy family raced in and out my head,
Ever since she gave up and we saw the true man behind the
my life just seemed a big blurr i felt like i could never
When i thought that i should give up Trina said hold ur
head up high,
and in that moment i took a prayer and looked up at those
clear blues skys,
They took me from my sister my brother met a girl i had no
friends i felt alone and more so on my own,
Then god sent an angel and he took the pain away my friends
convinced me he was not mine and my life felt so lame,
Then i realized that he liked me and my heart lit up the
i had a smile on my broken face and felt pretty as a pearl,
he made me feel so beautiful he recognized my love,
most of all he was gentle i never felt pushed or shoved,
He tells me that he loves me but i cant tellhim my true
self im afraid to show him who i am without asking him for
help i swear im on the brim of hope im on a cliff of fate
im goin crazy in my horrid live im running out of faith,
i want to show him that i love him i want to show him who i
am but how can i tell someone about me when i think the
wont even want to be my friend if i lose the one im loving
ill have no one but myself i feel so alone in side my heart
i need him to help me out,
but if hes willing to let me go i have to let him be i cant
make someone love me who hates the person they see.........

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