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2005-03-27 05:30:22 (UTC)


Okay so there is this girl (jessica). I've been friends
with my friend Blake since I was in 6th grade and Im a
senior in high school now. We would sit on the phone for
hours and just talk and talk about anything and
everything. well we live in 2 different states but I still
love him just because we know eachother so well. He has a
girlfriend Jessica and I have a boyfriend too. Well
Jessica has this therory that Blake and I have something
going on. Well a couple months ago I wrote to Blake
telling him that even though I am with my boyfriend I
still love him and he responded back with the same
thoughts for us. His girlfriend found the email that I
sent to him but she didn't find the one he sent to me and
now he's denying that he even said anything. So his
girlfriend started to bitch at me about it and doesn't
want me to call after 6 years of calling and I just want
to kick her ass. Man some girls can be so fuckin dumb I
mean we live 1,000 miles apart but yet we can still manage
that kind of a relationship, yea right.