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2005-03-27 04:19:48 (UTC)

How dare they

OMG!! It's amazing how seeing some people can ruin an
otherwise perfect day!! I'm so pissed off now, I can
hardly get my hands to quit shaking!! These two kids, boy
and girl, they date, decide a couple months ago that they
know me and all my business and so they decide to spread
shit about me all over school. How dare they think they
even BEGIN to know my business!! Now people just come up
to me and are like "Are u Amber White?" and then when I
say yeah, they just go whispering to each other and
giggling... and I know why... they think I don't, but I
know exactly why, cuz of those two LAME ASS people that
wanna act like they know me. But it's all good cuz I know
that what they say ain't true and I choose not to stoop to
their level by whipping her ass and having my little
brother, who really looks like my OLDER brother, only cuz
he's huge, to whip her b/f's ass whom I used to be friends
with...even almost dated... so I guess now it's easy to
see who my real friends are. Well, I'm done for tonight,
so bye.

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