Helpless mosochistic love
2005-03-27 03:20:01 (UTC)

Take (inspired by Ty)

take this gun
squeeze my hand
pull the trigger
Dont be scared

Take this blade
Hold my arm
cut my wrist
watch me bleed

Take this rope
stand me up
Kick the chair
Turn around

Hold my hand
help me out
call someone
save my life

I want to go
But then I dont
What should I do
Please help me out.

This poem is inspired and dedicated to ty. Hes going
through rough times. He cant get his ex out of his mind.
She cheated then told him she just couldnt stand him.
He has a new Gf but only to get rid of his thoughts of his
ex. But its all a lie. The new gf is nothing. He cant tell
her the truth, because now hes to far into it with her and
cant back out with out telling her the truth and braking
her heart. Then she will feel just how he feels now. Its a
vicious cycle.

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