Can You Help Me?
2005-03-27 01:46:49 (UTC)


I hate what he's doing
The pathetic excuse for a man
Sure shit happens
But that doesn't me he can
Completely forget about you
Leave you hanging worried sick
About operations and hospitals
Only to find out
It's a fucking 10 day
And you're the last to know

Fighting and gang shit
Relationships are no priority
He doesn't give a shit
He's probably cheating
Girlfriends all around
That's why he only hugs you
When everyone else is around.
He's a "young man" by age
Not by maturity or attitude
At this point you'll never grow up.

You have no idea
How much I want you to hurt
As much as she hurts
The pain I see her endure
You're nothing but a little
Insignificant rat bastard
Not worth any ones time
I'm sorry I'm writing this
About you because its about you
And you don't deserve it.

Sure she'll get mad at me
But I think it's because
She knows I'm right
She's emotionally attached
But I really don't see
What there is to
Be attached to
The promise of doritoz?
That never came true?
I'm sorry if this hurts.

I just want you to know
I love you forever
And I'll never leave
I'll kick his ass if you want
I just want you to be happy
That's all I really care about
You've been through soo much
I just think it's time
That you were happy too
I love you.

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