Can You Help Me?
2005-03-27 01:46:05 (UTC)

Don't let me lose you

I'm scared this is the end
I don't want to say goodbye
Don't let it be that powerful
It's worth a try

I'm really horrified
Don't take this the wrong way
I'm just trying to make it all end
And pray that tomorrows a better day.

I guess if I lose you
It'll all be ok
Maybe someday you'll realize
That it has to be this way

I didn't want to do this
Make you choose from 2 things
I know you want him to suffer
Like a little puppet on strings

I just had to do this
To save my own sanity
You were putting me in the middle
Of your mudslinging profanity.

I'm so sorry - I'm really scared
I don't want to lose you
Please say this isn't the end
I don't want it to be in view

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